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Family photographs and reminiscences from Carole Wallace (nee Nash)

These photographs are reproduced with the kind permission of Carole Wallace (nee Nash)

Carole recalls these people who attended All Saints Mission: Mrs Dobson, Olive Cross, Mrs Donaldson, Jack Cross, Mrs Taylor, Mrs Paxton, Mrs Heckles, (Front Row) Mr Paxton, Mr Donaldson, Mr Taylor, Mr Dobson, Mr Heckles


 All Saints Church 18th Anniversary & Patronal Festival 1950. Sonia Foster's mother (Nellie Ambler) and Sonia's cousin (Sylvia Keefe) are the first two in the front row


 All Saints Church Mothers Union - Carole recalls: Mrs Donaldson, Mrs Paxton, Olive Cross, Mrs Hunter and Mrs Lowery.


 St John's Church in 1945


Seaham Ladies outside Sam Watson's Rest Home at Richmond


 Theatre Royal at Seaham



Dance at the Parish Hall - Lynne Alderson's Aunty Nancy is in the middle of the front row


Rock House - Jack Cross and Mr Coulson


Crew of the Londonderry Steamer Lady Helen taken in 1909. The Lady Helen was built in 1909 by Austins of Sunderland and had a gross tonnage of 419 tons (811 gross tonnage). She sank off Robin Hoods Bay in 1917 on the way back to Seaham after delivering a cargo of coal to Yarmouth. Carole's great grandfather Robert Samuel Cross is pictured on the bottom row, 2nd from left. He was born in Norfolk and was the first member of the Cross family to reside in Seaham. He married Sarah Ellen Tyrie who he met at the Seamen's Mission where she was working in 1882. Carole comments that the "Tyrie" family name was carried on into the Cross family when her grandfather was named Jack Tyrie Cross.

This is the Mercantile Navy List for 1915 which sets out the official statistics for the Londonderry Steamer Lady Helen Official Number 123962


A steam engine passing the houses at the back of Grants Crescent


Dawdon Pit Pond - Gala Day


Dawdon Colliery lamp cabin 1972


Dance club at Rock House - The Britannia Two Step with Carole's Grandad in the middle. The lady in the blue (second row back) is Tony Knowles nanna Jennie Knowles.


SS West Hika which ran aground at Seaham (Hawthorn Hive) in 1936. Also pictured is Carole's Aunt Betty (Miss Elizabeth Ellen Nash)


Dawdon School boys and girls - The names are shown in the article


The Bishop of Durham, Rev Neil Heavisides and the Rev Roy Brain


Learie Constantine at Seaham Harbour Cricket Club


Dawdon back-street (Unknown family)


Seaham Townswomen Guild


Rock House Dance Club Committee 1977. Carole recalls that her grandad Jack Cross was a fantastic dancer


Adam and Eves Garden with Dene House on the hill


The Londonderry Offices


Dawdon Carnival Float