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Tugboats of Seaham

Paddletug Eppleton Hall (Photo credit Wikipaedia)

Paddletug Eppleton Hall (Photo credit Beamish Museum) operated on the River Wear and was sold to Seaham Harbour Dock Company and operated alongside the Reliant from 1964 to 1967. She was restored and is now visible from and moored to Hyde Street Pier, San Francisco.




Photograph of Seaham's longest serving tugboat "Seaham" circa 1930. (Photo credit Seaham Coronation 1953 Publication) The Seaham arrived in 1909 and was scrapped in 1962. More photographs of tugboat "Seaham" at ...... http://www.tynetugs.co.uk/seaham1909.htmlhttp://www.tynetugs.co.uk/seaham1909.html


The Tugboat "Reliant". The Fitting Shop and Harbour Master's Offices in the background.

Photo Credit: Memories of Seaham - Durham County Council


 The "Chipchase" came to Seaham in 1967