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Seaham Harbour Engine Works Staff 1894


Photograph courtesy of Hillary Wyatt. This is a photograph of the Seaham Harbour Engine Works staff in 1894. Hilary's grandfather Ernest Saunders wrote details on the back of the photograph in 1957. 

His father Charles Saunders is standing with his hands clasped next to the Chief Clerk (the gent with the Napoleon type pose 5th row from the bottom)

The great Mr George Hardy, Manager of the Engineworks, is in the centre of the picture with bowler hat poised on his head like a coconut at a fairground. He died at the age of 88 after a lifetime of building locomotives and rolling stock and other engineering works for the Londonderry Collieries and Railways carrying passengers and coal traffic from Seaham Harbour to Sunderland. 



Ernest Saunders began working for George Hardy in August 1901 when he was 14 years old. In the following year 1902 the Engine Works including rolling stock was sold by the Londonderry's. Some of the men and equipment was transferred to a new Engine Works situated to the east of the town. A new modern manager, Mr John Donovan from Sunderland, started up a new industry of Steam Wagons. Ernest Saunders was with him for 17 years as a fitter and design draughtsman..